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Online Reviews

Your kind words help us and others grow our practice.

Dr. Kevin A. Kirby, DPM appreciates your feedback. Please follow the links below to leave your feedback on the review site of your choice.

What Patients Are Saying:

"I dealt with heel pain on and off for years, but recently I could no longer contain it with ice, anti-inflammitories and rest. I realized I was limping even when I walked, and running was a painful chore. I went to Dr. Kirby because of his reputation among local athletes and because he's a runner. I knew his answer wouldn't be "Don't run." After a few months of trying an anti-inflammatory gel and a boot, we opted for surgery. He pulled four pumpkin seed-sized bone spurs from my heel and had to detach my Achilles tendon to get to one of them. Following his instructions, my six month recovery to run again was reduced to four. It no longer hurts to walk, and five months after surgery, I'm running nearly three miles two or three times a week. The next goal is to race the Thanksgiving 10K less than eight months after surgery. I can't recommend Dr. Kirby highly enough if you're an athlete who isn't ready to stop running."

From: Alan C., Sacramento, CA 9/14/2016 on Yelp

"After performing minor hammertoe surgery my toe is no longer in pain. Another doctor wanted to operate on two toes, but Dr. Kirby said one would take care of the problem and it did! Dr. Kirby is patient - he listens and answers questions thoroughly. He made sure I knew what to expect all along the way. He has made regular follow-up appointments to make sure my toe is healing no extra was included in the surgery. An added bonus - he's friendly and funny. Thank you, Dr. Kirby!"

From: Paula F., Sacramento, CA 2/20/2017 on Yelp

"I was recommended to Dr. Kirby from a fellow patient at my Chiropractor's office. I was in need of orthotics for a knee issue that I had been dealing with for many years. I was able to easily make an appointment and was in to see him in a couple of weeks. Other than the office needing a bit of an update, it was a very pleasant experience. He custom fit me for orthotics after taking a look at my feet as well as how I ran/walked. A few weeks later my orthotics came in and I have been so much happier ever since! They have changed a lot about how I walk and my knee inflammation as well as minor foot pain are essentially gone. I even just went in again to order another pair of orthotics for my dress shoes. Everyone at Dr. Kirby's office is kind and professional and I would recommend him to anyone in need of orthotics. The orthotics are expensive (just the nature of custom fit versions), but they are worth every penny!"

From: Nicole K., Sacramento, CA 11/30/2016 on Yelp

"Dr. Kirby performed surgery on both of my wife's feet, yes both at the same time. One was a new surgery, the other a second surgery. I have the highest compliment for him and his staff on how they have handled the situation. The surgery was performed well and the recovery period went well following his advice. He is as good as it gets, highly recommend his services."

From: David K., Grass Valley, CA 11/18/2016 on Yelp

"For all those patients out there with a big-mon-geous bone spur digging and chewing into your Achilles tendon, this it the doctor you want to visit to make you feel all better:-) I had this heal pain for some time. It was due to walking the hard concrete floors at my job for over 20 years, I could not handle the pain any longer. Dr. Kirby's plan at first was to try open back clogs, Volteran gel, ice and orthotics. Well these items did help a tiny bit, I was still in ouchy pain. Not to mention walking goofy. The next plan and last step was surgery....scary yikes!:-( No worries because I had the best Podiatrist, DPM to detach my Achilles tendon, cut the spur off and repair my heal!:-) The surgery went great! Dr. Kirby says I had the largest spur he's ever seen on a girl in over his 30 year career! The recovery took me nine and half months to return to work cruising the halls and to be back to normal took year and a half due to the bone spur was large. Dr. Kirby and his staff including Mylisa, Tracy, Hank and Leslie are always very helpful, have a good sense of humor and pleasant. What is cool Dr. Kirby is also a "teaching Doctor" traveling the world to teach other doctors. This shows that he is at the forefront of his profession and respected by his peers. My husband is also treated by Dr. Kirby and he is very pleased with him:-) We have already recommend him to others and they are happy too:-) Thank you very much!!!!:-)"

From: Heather D., Placerville, CA 11/14/2016 on Yelp

"Just completed my 2 month post-op appointment. Had a bunionectomy procedure at Mercy in Elk Grove after having years of pain. I had tried corrective inserts, toe spacers and even a plastic splint with no relief. I am a runner so I opted for surgery as the pain was just too much to continue. The staff at the hospital was great, I was in and out in a few hours. Have been walking regularly for a month now and just yesterday walked 4 miles with no discomfort. I am hoping to begin my running routine after month 3. So glad I decided to do this."

From: Jeanne H., Nevada City, CA 9/25/2016 on Yelp

"I could barely walk when I finally found Dr. Kirby. My own doctors had no idea what was happening to me. I was in constant and debilitating pain. I've had MRIs and X-rays that showed nothing. I had a spinal epidural that helped for a couple weeks. My doctors had no clue what was wrong. I'm sure there is a good dose of 'she's nuts' in my medical file. A friend suggested I try him. I went to him with nothing to lose. I'll never forget his reaction when he looked at my feet for the first time....he just sadly shook his head and said....'oh my' (he's actually pretty funny!). I knew I had finally found the help I needed. Making the orthotics has been a process. Three months (visits) so far. Each adjustment is better. And....I'm walking again. I'm exercising again. I have a life again.... The man knows his stuff and has my trust and appreciation!"

From: Elly F., Sacramento, CA 6/5/2016 on Yelp

"I have been seeing Dr. Kirby for over a year and have always been treated with nothing but respect from himself and his staff. Dr. Kirby always makes sure all my questions are always answered. So, glad I picked Dr. Kirby."

From: Sylvia Flores, 3/13/17 Google Reviews

"I have EXTREAMLY flat feet. I was born with it. When I was a teen I saw Kirby and he was great. My insurance changed and I tried Kaiser 5 years later and my feet were so bad they WOULD not make orthotics for me. Went back to Kirby and paid in cash... Well worth it. Now 5 years later I need a new pair and went to North Bay, (what my current insurance is) and my podiatrist couldn't believe Kirby made my orthotics. His reaction "Kirby is the God Father of Podiatry". Kirby is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!"

From: Danielle Hawes, 9/15/16 Google Reviews

"I'm so thankful to Dr. Kirby for fixing a botched surgery on my Achilles Tendon and spur done by another doctor. When I had surgery done by the first doctor, it never healed properly, the scar looks really bad and I suffered with worse foot pain than before the surgery.

Thank goodness I found Dr. Kirby!! He tried other means to see if I could get relief before ever discussing a second surgery. When we finally discussed a second surgery, he wanted me to take the time to think about it because he was sensitive to the downtime and pain I would have to go through for the second time. Its unfortunate that I had to go through a second surgery, but it was the best decision I made and well worth it. He did an amazing job!!! My foot feels so much better and I'm actually going through the healing process faster, my downtime was less than the first and the scar is was minimal compared to the first scar I got from the surgery done by the other doctor.

If your looking for a top notch surgeon with knowledge and skills, I highly recommend Dr. Kirby especially if you were botched like I was."

From: R.S., Sacramento, CA, Yelp, 1/8/16 on Yelp.

"My experience with Dr. Kirby has been nothing short of perfect. Dr. Kirby was kind and gentle. I immediately felt like I could trust him. He examined my foot that needed bunion surgery, explained in detail what the bunion surgery would involve, including recovery time. I immediately liked him, and so did my husband. He sent me to get X-rays, and then saw us again that day. He went over the X-rays in detail, and answered all of my questions calmly and completely. As my husband and I drove home to Yuba City that day, we felt that we had found the doctor that we could trust completely. My surgery was scheduled without delay, and at my prep op appointment, Dr. Kirby once again explained the procedure, recovery time, and also went over my consent form with me line by line so I knew exactly what he would do before I signed it. My surgery went perfectly, and the block he gave me for pain control lasted for two days. Surprisingly, my pain has almost been non-existent. I took one pain pill! I just had my second post op appointment. Dr. Kirby took my stitches out and my foot actually looks pretty! I couldn't be happier!! I still have a ways to go in my recovery, but this doctor is the best. I want him to do my other foot next. So, thank you to Dr. Kirby and his friendly and very efficient staff. You are the best!"

From: Christine C., Yuba City, CA, 12/12/15 on Yelp.

"I highly recommend Dr. Kirby!!!! He has treated me for severe bunions (some of the worst he has seen) and now I have normal feet. I couldn't be more thrilled with the treatment I received. I feel like a new person.

He is knowledgeable and his expertise is world renowned; he also has a wonderful sense of humor--so important to the whole process of diagnosis, and recovery. I feel fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience. His office staff is also very warm and welcoming.

I experienced none of the pain I expected post op...just be sure and follow his directions and advice!

I can't say enough about him---check him out for yourself---You won't be disappointed!"

From: Vickie E., Orangevale, CA, 4/15/14 on Yelp.

"I saw Dr Kirby for some new orthotics and he is the best Dr. around. I read a negative comment about him and just have to say that he is very funny and really doesn't pull punches when making a reference to feet. If they are messed up he will let you know what to do to ease the pain but let's face it, we do not go to a Podiatrist because we have perfect feet. We go because we need help. If you want a tremendous Podiatrist then go to Dr. Kirby. The office staff are top notch as well. Just an all-around professional experience."

From: Cole W., Carmichael, CA, 5/2/15 on Yelp.

"I am ten days out after having a both bunions removed. I waited a long time to have the surgery because I had heard it involved a lot of pain and time off work. Dr. Kirby must have pulled off a miracle, because at this point I am walking without crutches and have been off painkillers since 2 days after surgery. As an extra-added bonus, my feet are actually pretty. Yay Dr. Kirby!"

From: C.S., Chico, CA, 7/9/15 on Yelp.

"My bunionectomy and weil osteotomy from another surgeon had gone badly, causing sore and immobile big and second toes. After consulting with several podiatrists, I chose Dr. Kirby because of his experience and knowledge. He was very informative about what caused the problem and what he could and could not do to fix it. Surgery went great, recovery just fine and Dr. Kirby and staff are awesome. Every time I called for a question or concern, his office staff was very courteous and helpful. Great team...would highly recommend Dr. Kirby for anyone considering this type of surgery the first time!!!"

From: Melani R, Roseville, CA, 6/1/15 on Yelp.

"Dr. Kirby is honest, knowledgeable and user friendly. He clearly explained my options and resolved my foot pain according to my scheduling needs. His staff was just as fun and professional as he is. He should teach bedside manner and customer service to the rest of the medical community ! Still pain free six months later. Thanks again."

From: Mary M., Sacramento, CA, 4/20/15 on Yelp.

"Dr Kirby is the best!! He performed my foot surgery Dec 2014. He told me exactly what was my problem and he fixed it. He is kind, professional, and funny! I have not had any problems with my foot that I had been experiencing prior to my surgery. HIs staff is great. This is one doctor office I enjoy visiting."

From: CD R, Shingle Springs, CA, 2/25/15 on Yelp.

"The staff were very polite and accommodating. I have made several visits to Dr Kirby and I am always amazed at the difference he can make with just a bit of padding here and there. On my last visit I was having difficulty walking because of the intense pain in the sole of my foot but after he had worked his magic with the pieces of padding I was able to start walking again with my wife, and no more pain. Every morning when I put my shoes on and feel that padding I thank my lucky stars that I found Dr Kirby."

From: A Google User - 1/15 on Google+.

"Dr. Kirby rocks! He helped me with a torn tibial tendon issue that had the podiatrists at a big time health center stumped. I was really treated well by him and his office staff. It's been awhile, but I will always remember the great care I received and recommend his office highly"

From: Greg Windheim, Sacramento, CA, - 10/14 on Google+.

"Dr. Kirby practically saved my life. I was passed over to him from a very pathetic Dr and so I know the difference between good and bad. In my first visit with Dr. Kirby he knew what was going on with my condition and started the proper treatment right away. I have been a consistent patient for almost 3 yrs now and thanks to the services of his expertise as well as the wonderful office staff I have been at peace with my diagnosis and treatment. And the staff has gone above and beyond also. I highly recommend Dr. Kirby as a treating physician."

From: Iyesia Rimpson - 5/14 on Google+.

"Three months ago (May 2014), Dr. Kirby performed double Bunionectomy surgery on my feet. I'm thrilled with the results and highly recommend Dr. Kirby to anyone who is in need of the services of a top notch podiatrist/surgeon. I had very little post surgical pain, very little scaring and he was prompt in calling me the very next day to check in with me to see how I was feeling. Dr. Kirby and his office staff are friendly, professional and responsive. Three months later I'm completely pain free and my feet look great!!! You have a very satisfied patient!! Thank you Dr. Kirby!"

From: Chris S., Sacramento, CA - 8/21/14 on Yelp.

"I've had the pleasure of discovering Dr. Kirby as he was helping people with foot problems at Fleet Feet on J street. I had an issue that was, I thought, resolved by another podiatrist. Needless to say, the job was NOT DONE PROPERLY so had to have more foot surgery. This was the doctor who really took care of the problem and actually SOLVED IT. one more surgery and I am fee of pain. All due to a meeting at Fleet Feet on J street. Thanks to Dr. Kevin Kirby and his nursing staff I am pain free and so happy to be able to wear shoes again. Just cannot thank him enough and the staff of Fleet Feet for inviting him to their store. I encourage anyone who has problems with running, walking or wearing and finding comfortable shoes..please visit Fleet Feet and also Dr. Kirby with any foot problems."

From: PJ Clark, Elk Grove, CA - 5/25/14 on Yelp.

"Four months ago Dr. Kirby performed a bunionectomy on both of my feet. Throughout the process, he was very patient with me and answered my numerous questions, even when he had answer the same questions at a prior appointment. He advised me of the expected results, recovery process and issues related to having both feet operated on at once. I could not be more pleased with the result and only wish I had seen Dr. Kirby sooner. I would recommend Dr. Kirby to anyone in need of a podiatrist."

From: Betty W., Sacramento, CA, 4/30/14 on Yelp.

"Due to an injury at work, i was sent to Dr. Kirby for his expertise in this field. I had a break in my 5th metatarsal, which required surgery to fix. Dr. Kirby was compassionate to my fears, and concerns about having a surgery. He answered all my questions. Dr. Kirby did an excellent job on my surgery. I was fixed and back to the work I enjoy. Due to time and movement (11years later), my hardware started to turn. This required a minor surgery to remove. I was at ease going through this recent surgery because of my past experience with Dr. Kirby. I also have orthotics made by Dr. Kirby. The orthotics support me as i do my job. Having orthotics have made a great difference in my feet health. I have, and would recommend Dr. Kirby to anyone who experience foot pain. He is excellent!"

From: Thea R, Placerville, CA - 5/15/14 on Yelp.

"I had developed a very large growth on my plantar fascia..Went to an Orthopedic Dr. and was told that there was a 60% change the growth would return after surgery. I left feeling very discouraged, and could not continue to have this lump on my foot. I was given Dr. Kirby's name, and from the first moment he let me know that this was fixable! And fix it he did, there is a 3" scar that you cannot even see, and he came to my home to remove the drainage tube, "who does that anymore?"...he is an incredible Doctor, I have and will always refer my friends, anyone to this man. Truly your feet are in the BEST HANDS with Dr. Kirby."

From: Nancy Alexander on Yelp.

"I saw Dr. Kirby based upon favorable reviews from Angie's List. I have a bunion on my foot that has become more painful and my previous doctor had left her practice. I was very pleased to get an appointment within a week of calling. The doctor was very punctual. After a consultation he sent me to get X-rays and told me to bring them back and we would discuss the results. The imaging facility was efficient and very courteous. After returning with the films, the doctor saw me right away and we discussed future treatment. Dr. Kirby was very informative in explaining my diagnosis and I felt more reassured about possible surgery. I will continue to see Dr. Kirby for my foot problem and I highly recommend him."

From: Pamela Soule, Fair Oaks, CA on Angie's list.

"Dr. Kirby is excellent! He is very compassionate and listens to your concerns. He has helped both my wife and I with plantar fasciitis. It is because of Dr. Kirby that today I walk without any pain in my feet. He is a world renowned lecturer and often referred to as the guru of orthotics. I would not hesitate one moment in recommending Dr. Kirby to any of my friends and family. It is also very easy to get an appointment. Just an example of how caring of a person Dr. Kirby is, he donates hours of his time each year at a local shoe store for the benefit of potential buyers. You will be amazed at how well you will feel once you have seen Dr. Kirby."

From: Dave L., Yuba City, CA on Yelp.

"I was Referred to Dr. Kirby from a podiatrist at kaiser to get foot orthotics. I was having severe heel pain and thought that the orthotics would help. Dr Kirby has helped me so much over the last 10 years not only with the orthotics but also with 2 surgerys to remove heel spurs. I cant tell you how great it has been to have a doctor that knows what the problem is and wants to help fix it for you. Without him i could not do my job wihich requires me to walk several miles a day. My pain is nearly gone. Thank You so much Dr. Kirby you have made a great difference in my daily life. Wish there were more doctors out there like you."

From: Frank M., Yuba City, CA on Yelp.

"Dr Kirby fitted me with custom innersoles for a persistent and painful food disorder. Dr Kirby knows so much about feet and all the disorders that come along with aging and injuries. If you have problems with your feet want someone who will help Dr. Kirby is the best. He helped me greatly with chronic pain in the feet."

From: Fred M., Sacramento, CA on Angie's list.

"He was open to my suggestions. He was somewhat into sports medicine, and he was okay with me. I like him because his service works for me. It takes a month to get an initial appointment with him, but I think it is not that all bad for a podiatrist."

From: Patricia H., Sacramento, CA on Angie's list.

"I injured my foot several months prior and it wasn't getting better. Since I have Kaiser, Dr. Kirby required a referral. He immediately thought I had a serious injury, but wanted to see my Xrays, which were sent. I returned for another appointment. He advised me to go back and discuss his thoughts with my regular Podiatrist. He advised me to discuss his thoughts with my regular Podiatrist. This person was on vacation so I went to another DPM who told me to wear a boot for a month. Still no better, I went to Roseville, (see my other review), who finally gave me a diagnosis. This process took a year. Dr. Kirby was right in the beginning."

From: Laura L., Sacramento, CA on Angie's list.

"I have suffered with foot pain for years, bunions ..plantar fasciitis... Dr. Kirby has helped me so much with orthotics & bunion surgery now i can begin to walk with minimal pain, and wear average shoes. I am so grateful for Dr. Kirby's knowledge and years of experience, his quick wit along with his wonderful staff that makes it a pleasure to go to his office every time! I would highly recommend Dr. Kirby to anyone with foot problems, he's the best!"

From: Maria V., Dixon, CA on Yelp.

"I highly recommend Dr. Kirby!!!! He has treated me for severe bunions (some of the worst he has seen) and now I have normal feet. I couldn't be more thrilled with the treatment I received. I feel like a new person."

"He is knowledgeable and his expertise is world renowned; he also has a wonderful sense of humor--so important to the whole process of diagnosis, and recovery. I feel fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience. His office staff is also very warm and welcoming."

"I experienced none of the pain I expected post op...just be sure and follow his directions and advice! I can't say enough about him---check him out for yourself---You won't be disappointed! "

From: Vickie E., Orangevale, CA on Yelp.

"Dr. Kirby is the best. I have been a patient for over 10 years. He makes the best orthotics and knows the whole body. It was Kirby who figured out I also had hip and back issues beside my foot issues. "And the lame shall walk." I am walking almost without limp, and with much less pain because of Dr. Kirby."

From: Ruth Chambers on Facebook.

"I've been a patient for years and couldn't be more please with Dr. Kirby & his wonderful staff! I recently had bunion surgeries on both feet, and with Dr. Kirby's years of experience, knowledge and wit.. I know I could not have had better care anywhere else.. Thank you so much!!"

From: Viana Vasquez-Lara on Facebook.

"I used to have horrible painful feet. I knew that sooner or later I needed to have bunnion surgery, but I was terrified. Everything changed once I met Dr. Kirby. He was honest, he understood my passion for running half marathon. On March 2008, I had the right foot surgery. Right after, August 2008, I had surgery to my left foot. I followed his directions, advice. On March 2009, I did a half marathon without pain. I was so happy. My feet were finally without bunnions and pain. As a crazy sport person, 2 years ago, I did something totally wrong for my training, and I went to see Dr. Kirby for my left foot pain. I had Neuroma and Ganglion. I was mad for hurting my foot. I didn't know how bad was until I saw Dr. Kirby. He helped me to go thru other running events (always half marathon). March 2014 I had my last half marathon with my bad foot condition. I just had a surgery to remove Neuroma and Ganglion. I don't have any pain. I cannot wait to do my Disney Half Marathon this year. All of this is possible because of Dr. Kirby. Thank you so much!!!"

From: Monica M., Elk Grove, CA on Yelp.

"Best podiatrist in all of Sacramento, typically no wait, great office staff! - I have been seeing different podiatrist for years. Everyone appeared clueless about my condition and I felt like my needs were second to theirs. Dr. Kirby had it nailed within the first 2 visits. I highly recommend him. If you have a reason to see a podiatrist, see him."

From: mki25 on CitiSearch.

"My Kaiser podiatrist referred me to Kevin Kirby years ago, to help me get a better fit for my ski boots. (I am a professional ski guide, so a good fitting boot is essential). He made the first and only foot bed that has worked. I went through the usual ski foot beds with no luck. The foot beds were expensive about $350, but boy, did they work. Minimized the numbing, pain, and burning! They have lasted probably 15 years with having to be repaired once at no charge. Absolutely worth it!"

From: axle B., Tuolumne, CA on Yelp.

"I have suffered for years with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs on both feet. I've had several rounds on cortisone injections over the years with only some relief. I'm now pain free. Dr. Kirby used a combo of cortisone injections, custom orthodics and suggested home treatments. I wasn't very hopeful but Dr. Kirby has made the most improvement in my feet of all the doctors I've seen. It took a little while for him to make my orthodics so he suggested an over the counter brand in the interim, I brought them in and Dr. kirby modified them for me. My feet feel great!!! It's so wonderful for that pain to be gone. Thank you Dr.Kirby :)"

From: Janine B., Citrus Heights, CA on Yelp.

"I visited Dr. Kirby to examine a 2 year old injury that was going nowhere. After two visits, x-rays, and MRIs he determined after a thorough examination that my case required surgery by a sport medicine foot an ankle surgeon. This has been a two year journey and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Dr. Kirby."

From: Seth F., Elk Grove, CA on Yelp.

"Dr. Kirby is a wonderful doctor and a miracle worker! He saw me after foot surgery was performed by another podiatrist (which happened to be unnecessary surgery). He was very professional in explaining my condition and he was empatheitc to my situation. Dr. Kirby literally took away all of the pain that occurred as a result of the surgery. He took the time to analyze my condition and put me at ease with the solution. The outcome is that I can walk and I have resumed all of my normal activites painfree!! I thought this would never be possible and that I would have to live with extreme pain for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Kirby!!"

From: Jennifer A., Elk Grove, CA on Yelp.

"Let me preface my remarks by saying that I am currently entering my 38th year of Coaching Track and Cross Country and have seen many feet and had experience with many foot problems. In the greater Sacramento area we are fortunate to have a Podiatrist with the Experience and Knowledge that Dr. Kirby has. As a patient, Dr. Kirby treated me for severe Plantar issues and I am able to run 30+ mins. pain free because of his recommendations. He was thorough in his analysis and answered every question I had. I know several other Coaches, people who deal with MANY athletes/injuries who have worked with Dr. Kirby and have heard nothing but good things. He is not a magician, but he is knowledgeable and competent."

From: Dwayne H., Placerville, CA on Yelp.

"Dr. Kirby is a wonderful doctor and a miracle worker! He saw me after foot surgery was performed by another podiatrist (which happened to be unnecessary surgery). He was very professional in explaining my condition and he was empatheitc to my situation. Dr. Kirby literally took away all of the pain that occurred as a result of the surgery. He took the time to analyze my condition and put me at ease with the solution. The outcome is that I can walk and I have resumed all of my normal activites painfree!! I thought this would never be possible and that I would have to live with extreme pain for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Kirby!!"

From: Jennifer A., Elk Grove, CA on Yelp.

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