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In The News

Books: These books are collections of the 317 monthly newsletters that Dr. Kirby has written over the past 27 years for the podiatry profession on foot and lower extremity biomechanics, foot orthotic therapy and sports injuries to the foot and lower extremity. Dr. Kirby's books have been sold in over 9 countries and the first three books have been translated into Spanish language editions.

Television - FOX 40 NEWS: Dr. Kirby is interviewed for local TV news stories on shoes.

Podcasts: Podcast on Running Biomechanics and Running Shoes


Running Barefoot vs. Shod (4 Part Lecture Series): Dr. Kirby lectures at a Sacramento running shoe store on barefoot vs shod running on June 15, 2011

Published Articles/Papers: These are some of the articles that Dr. Kirby has written over the past 28 years on sports injuries, sports shoes, foot and lower extremity biomechanics, and foot surgery for the popular media and the podiatry profession.

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